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A Shocking Empower Network Review

Before I begin this Empower Network review, let me ask you a question: Would you like to make INSTANT 100% commissions on a product that sells itself and be given all the tools & training needed to do so in 3 simple steps?
…If your answer is yes, then that’s exactly what I’m going to help you do, but first you need to read my in depth Empower Network review:
So the other day I received an email about “another MLM”…
Usually I’ll ignore MLM related stuff since 99% of it is total crap. However, the subject line read:
“Instant 100% Commissions With David Wood And Dave Sharpe”
Really, I only opened the email because David Wood was in the subject line. David and I have been good friends for over a year now. Anyway, when I heard David Wood and David Sharpe got together to launch their own marketing system/MLM, I practically fell out of my chair!
Before I go into the details, there are 3 core reasons why Empower Network rocks. After I talk about the core features, I’ll reveal the revolutionary concept behind Empower Network:
  1. David Wood And David Sharpe are the founders.
  3. It pays 100% COMMISSIONS
In all honesty, none of the other stuff even mattered to me. BUT – if you’re serious about making 100% instant commissions on a daily basis or even using Empower Network to build your business, you need to be well informed. Meaning you need to read the details…
David Wood and David Sharpe are industry legends who’ve both risen from the ashes to Internet Stardom. Mr. Wood was actually living in a van a little over 2 years ago. He struggled in his business for years until he started marketing online. Same goes for Sharpe, he struggled with homelessness, addiction and financial problems for years.
With that being said, both guys are as solid as a rock! I don’t know that much about Mr. Sharpe, but anything David Wood touches turns to solid gold. Number 1 recruiter in 3 companies, number 1 affiliate of countless products and all around great guy.
Point: The founders are cool…
INSTANT Commissions:
Next let’s get to the fact that Empower Network pays instant commissions. As human beings, we like nothing more than FAST CASH. Most companies out there have you wait weeks or even months before you receive a lousy pay check. Empower Network pays instant commissions to your own bank account! Enroll someone… receive the money the EXACT second they join.
Nothing beats fast cash like INSTANT commissions, so it’s a huge plus for Empower Network.
100% Commissions:
Let’s face it, most companies pay out less than 10% residual income. Let’s say you sponsor someone at a $500 package, you might make a $50 fast start bonus. On top of that maybe something stupid like $10/month in residual income. I’m not knocking traditional MLM companies, but that’s the way they work.
With traditional MLM, the real money is in massive leverage, building teams in the thousands. Or consistently sponsoring on a daily basis and making lots of fast start commissions. As the whole residual income thing is only good if you’ve got a HUGE team. At least hundreds of people if not thousands. That’s because they all pay silly commissions like 10% of total team volume. Wouldn’t it be nice to make ALL of the money?
Empower Network pays out 100% and they pay out instantly. With most companies, you’re feeding the founder’s pockets. They’re usually sitting at the top and everyone who joins after sends them a chunk of money each month. What David Wood and Mr. Sharpe wanted to do was create something completely revolutionary.
They’ve effectively done that by paying out 100% of the money. If they wanted, they could have easily got away with 90, 80 or even 50% commissions, but they wanted to help others. They had a vision to create something that would genuinely help average people make full time incomes online.
In fact: David Wood is so confident that he strongly believes there’ll be lots of members making over $10,000 in their first 30 days. No matter how experienced you are with Internet or Network Marketing. The whole point of Empower Network is to payout 100% of the money, instantly and to create a system that will allow members to bring in new people on a daily basis. (More on that in a minute)
Before I tell you exactly WHAT Empower Network is, you need to know and understand the answer to this question:
What is the most powerful way to market ANY business online?
The most powerful way to market a business online is by starting a blog and posting regular content to it. There’s just nothing that beats blogging, it’s an incredibly powerful way to generate traffic, gain authority, credibility and sell stuff. The trouble is, it can take months or even years to build an authority blog and rank well in the search engines.
So first you’ve got to create lots of great content, and then you need to promote it which is the real hard part. Promotion is done through that tedious thing called SEO. The real hard work is in the setup and getting that initial authority you need. Blog setup, plugins, design, keyword research, autoresponders, capture pages, sales funnels and more. A whole lot of “setup” right?
Well it took me a whole 8 months of setup to get going online before I started generating any real traffic or income. That setup is what Empower Network eliminates.
Screen shot 2011 10 31 at 4.38.38 PM1 A Shocking Empower Network Review

Ok, So What The Heck Is Empower Network?

Essentially Empower Network is a viral blogging and marketing system. A done for you system you can use to generate fast traffic and commissions INSTANTLY. When you join Empower Network, you’re given an Empower Network blog. David Wood and David Sharpe are literally handing you everything they’ve been working on for the past 8+ months.
Remember all that “setup” and struggle that comes with starting an online business & blog, well that’s completely eliminated. The real problem with getting traffic is promoting your stuff and with blogging, it’s ranking in the search engines. In order to rank really well and FAST, you need authority.
That’s why you’re given a UNIQUE blog on the Empower Network domain. That’s the core product and concept behind Empower Network. The blog will be unique to you and you can start posting content on it immediately. What’s the benefit of having an Empower Network blog?
Sneaky David and David have been building backlinks to the domain for a long time. The domain is also 4 years old. So that initial 6+ months of being new on the block is eliminated. Your blog will instantly be aged and hold a lot of weight in Google’s eyes. This way whenever you publish a blog post, you’ll get an instant influx of new visitors. The blogging system gets shot of every technical aspect that frustrates so many people.
If you were to have a blog setup with the aged domain, established authority, excellent design and SEO taken care of, it would cost a minimum of $500-$1000 upfront, then a lot more in maintenance fees. (Outstanding value)
As soon as you join Empower Network, there are just 3 EASY steps to make money:
3steps A Shocking Empower Network Review
As soon as you’re done watching the video and sign up, you get instant access to your blog. BUT – we all know we need training right? That’s why David created an 8 part training series. The training will go through the 3 steps of achieving success with Empower Network. It will basically teach you the fundamental knowledge you need to put yourself on the fast track to success with Empower Network.
The training comes with PDF’s and “tests” that will make sure you know what to do.  Really, it’s all so simple and what Empower Network can do for you is insane. Imagine having a flow of 100% instant commissions arrive into your bank account on a daily basis. With everything else out there, the “tell others” part always turns out to be much harder than the sales page makes it.
However, using the blogging system and the 8 part training series, you’ll be able to quickly start generating traffic and 100% instant commissions. What David Wood and David Sharpe wanted to do was create something absolutely anyone could use. Traditional MLM’s aren’t feasible for “normal” people, online marketing isn’t either.
All that setup and learning is way too overwhelming, that’s what Empower Network eliminates, you just have to follow a simple 3 step process that is proven to GET results. As for getting money, Empower Network has a delightfully simple, yet effective and powerful compensation plan.
The comp plan is a 3up with a slight twist. Basically, the first person you bring in will pay you directly. The second person you bring in will go up to your sponsor, the person who brought you into Empower Network. Then your third person goes to you and your 4th gets passed up to your sponsor. Next your 5th goes to you and your 6th gets passed to your sponsor.
So your 2nd, 4th and 6th referral gets passed up to your sponsor and pays them directly. On top of that, every 5th person gets passed up. It’s a very simple compensation plan with the power to make millionaires. Even if you just enroll 1 person by posting on your Empower Network blog a few times, your 1 referral will pass their 2nd, 4th and 6th person up to you. Then every 5th after that. (All 100% pay and instant)
Let’s say you’re lazy and want to do a little work to bring in 1 person. Let’s say your 1 person goes the full way and brings in 6 people in 1 month. That’s now 4 people paying you 100% commissions instantly each month. Next those 3 will pass their 2nd, 4th and 6th referral up to you. Along with every 5th after that.
Quick recap:
  1. David Wood And David Sharpe are the founders.
  3. It pays 100% COMMISSIONS
  4. Viral Blogging And Marketing System
  5. Presentations, sales funnels and “setup” done for you!

3steps1 A Shocking Empower Network Review
Clearly, an Empower Network membership provides an incredible amount of value for the small investment needed. (I didn’t go into prices here for a reason, David Wood breaks it down nicely in the video I’m about to direct you to. Anyway, the biggest problem with most MLM’s and online marketing systems is that people struggle with all the setup. Everything is done for you with Empower Network and the blogging system is unlike anything else.
Having an instant authority blog setup for you automatically, you can’t even put a price on that. In the first 3 days of Empower Network’s launch, over $300,000 in instant commissions have been paid out to members. People are obviously getting results and the 3 step system has been proven to work for everyone who’s followed it.
So how do you start making money with Empower Network?
  • Join
  • Blog Daily
  • Get Money
For those who seize the moment and join now, I have a few bonuses. Unlike other bonuses, I’m not going to shove a bunch of random EBooks down your throat that you’re never going to read. Instead I have some USEFUL Empower Network bonuses:
3steps2 A Shocking Empower Network Review
1. Free Access To Skype Room
We all need a bit of support now and then. My Skype room is filled with other Empower Network members and we all help each other out.
2. 1 On 1 Skype Or Email Support For 1 Week (If Qualified)
Just to make sure you get started on the right track and know EXACTLY what you’re doing, I’m going to give you full support for 1 week. My time is valuable and I can’t give away 1 on 1 support to people who are 100% serious about building this business.
3. Free 30 Minute SEO Consultation
To get the most out of your Empower Network blog, you need to know a little about SEO. How you can build backlinks and promote your posts to ensure maximum rankings. You can do without this as the domain authority is enough to start ranking your blog posts, but to make the most of your Empower Network blog, I’ll give you a free 30 minute SEO consultation. (I’ve been doing SEO for 2 years and know how to rank on the front page of Google for any search term)
Click the banner below to get started:
Screen shot 2011 10 31 at 4.38.38 PM1 A Shocking Empower Network Review

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The Empower Network Review

Empower Network
If you really want to learn the truth about the Empower Network, click here or Carry on to read my Empower Network review....

Funnily enough, David Wood and David Sharpe were both homeless! David Wood who I know personally was actually living in a van just a little over 2 years ago. He was living in Hawaii in a van with his wife and working for green peace.

He struggled with financial freedom for years. He’s made most of his money in the Network Marketing industry which he’s been in most of his life. Only 2 years ago did he learn how to market online that he’s finally broke through and changed his life for the better.

David Sharpe has a very similar story. He has been marketing online for a while and is doing extremely well. Both of them got together to release Empower Network. Empower Network is essentially a viral blogging system with an incredible reverse 3up compensation plan.

What they wanted to do is allow anyone to start making fast commissions and cash from home like never before. The Empower Network has 3 membership options. First is the $25 membeship and for that you get access to your own viral blogging system.

The viral blogging system gives you a blog on the Empower Network domain. This gives you a huge advantage! Most people never succeed with blogging because it takes months or years to build authority and rank in the search engines to start receiving traffic. 

With the Empower Network, you get instant authority from the Empower Network domain.
There is a 3 step process to start making money with the Empower Network. 

It goes like this:

Blog Daily > Tell Others > Get Money

Seriously, there’s never been anything else like this ever before. When you join you’ll be given tons of training that will teach you how to start blogging. When you start blogging daily you will start generating traffic and you can use that to build your own business or the Empower Network.
Empower Nework
Empower Network
As a member you can earn 100% instant commissions paid directly into your bank account. There is no waiting at all, you get paid instantly and take 100% of the money! The reverse 3up compensation plan is very powerful. When you refer someone, you take the money, all of it. The second person you refer goes to your sponsor. 

The third goes to you, 4th to your sponsor, 5th to you and 6th to your sponsor. So you give 3 referrals up to you sponsor. And all of your referrals will hand their 2nd, 4th and 6th referral up to you. All paying you 100% direct commissions.

Then there are 2 other membership levels you can leverage to earn even more money. It’s very powerful and so easy to do thanks to the state of the art viral blogging system. 

So that is a short review of the Empower Network. Without a doubt, it can help you make a lot of money... And if you can follow basic instructions, you CAN make money with the Empower Network. David Wood and David Sharpe are two of the most trusted guys in the entire industry. You can trust them and with my help, you can make a ton of money with the Empower Network.

Click here to continue and learn more about how you can start making INSTANT 100% commissions with the Empower Network!